A participative approach to teaching is followed which employs case studies, discussions, assignments, field visits, lectures, role-play, term papers, projects and quizzes as part of its pedagogy.

Courses aim to impart the following skills in the students.

Analytical and Managerial Skills
Application of Concepts to Managerial Problems
Synthesis and Perspective Building
Behavioural Skills
Technical Skills

Organisational Training

During Organisational Training (OT), students undertake projects for client organisations in various functional areas such as finance, project formulation, production, personnel managements, marketing, technical forestry, MIS, GIS, natural resource management, wasteland development, eco-development, extension, transfer of technology and many other areas related to the corporate and development sectors.

The organisational trainings provide students with an opportunity to:

Apply the concepts, techniques and skills learnt to real life situations.
Learn through on-the-job experience
Understand the functioning of different organisations.


The performance of the students is evaluated for both classroom and field based components. Classroom evaluation is based on performance in tests, quizzes, assignments, mid-term and end-term examinations. The integrated evaluation system, apart from setting minimum standards of students’ performance, also serves to provide a robust and reliable feed back system.