Objective of the Indian Institute of Forest Management

In 1982 the Indian Institute of Forest Management was founded in Madhya Pradesh, India ate Bophal and financial assistance was granted by the Swedish International Development Agency. The objective of the Indian Institute of Forest Management is the fulfillment of growing needs arising in managerial human resources in allied and forest sectors. It is currently a growing organization with internationally recognized reputation in consultancy, training, research and educational regions.
The campus size of the Indian Institute of Forest Management has affiliations with the ministry of Environment and Forests and currently takes in 93 under graduates. Within the campus grounds there are various wild mammals and birds and famous for its fauna and flora. Several courses are followed at the Indian Institute of Forest Management for example:
Fellow Program in Management
M.Phil. in Natural Resource Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Forest Management
Management Development Programs
Students from around the world and across India are attracted to this college as it is the only place in Asia where the Fellow Program in Management can be followed.
The Post Graduate Diploma in Forest Management which was started in 1988 is a two-year diploma at residential entry level. After the first term is complete, students have the option to specialize in various fields, such as:
Developmental Management
Environmental Management
Conservation and livelihood Management
A student can opt for Minor specializations or not, but at least one Major specialization is required in the organizational training students receive. Minor specializations include the option of 4.0 credit courses and the Major specialization must be followed in a minimum of 8.0 credit courses. Minor specialization is not listed on diplomas received and only major specializations such as Postgraduate diploma in forest management will be listed. Overall benefit to students are offered in the form of special lectures, seminars and workshops by eminent personalities in the forest management industry.