International Students Studying Forestry Management in India

Agriculture is the backbone of life; without it, the whole world would have been functionless. For a functional life, man needs energy to drive all his activities. However, the only source of this energy for man is through the green plants. Green plants help trapped energy from the Sun and convert it to useful energy for man.

In the environment, the roles of the green plants cannot be over-emphasized as they are the primary makers of the community. They primarily produce food for man and other materials that help man to sustain life. Drugs, rubber, shelter, and many other things are all gotten from the plant kingdom. The impacts of these ‘greenies’ are felt every second in the environment.

Importantly, the green trees serve as purifiers of nature. They help to keep the earth free from pollution and regulate the fresh breathe in the environment. Green trees in the forest help to remove excess carbon di oxide from the atmosphere, whose presence presents a great threat to the protective layer in the atmosphere. This layer, Ozone layer, protects the earth from the effects of the harmful ultraviolent rays coming from outer space. Therefore, it is very important to preserve the life of these indispensable companions.

It is in light of this that the study of these valuable creatures is very important. Although, because of misappropriations in the world today, focus have shifted away from the study of plants and things related to them and their relationship to man, there are still some smart people who wish to study forestry; the study of plants and their relationship with man.

Usually, most foreign students love to study forestry in India because of its rich, luxuriant and lush forests, evenly distributed in the country. India is a tropical country with many dense and thick forests. Therefore, India is a suitable place for international students who wish to study forestry. Yearly, large number of foreign students visits India for the purpose of studying forestry and other agriculture related courses. Besides, coming to India is tourism on its own.

Foreign students are very excited when they come to India and they want to explore the Indian culture and food. And the important point is that they are much prepared with visitors insurance to meet their medical expenses as they could fall sick when they are exposed to a different environment, climate, culture and food.