Community Based Forest Management Program

The community based Forest Management Program is set in place to transfer forest ownership to local communities away from the State. User right can belong to local communities and the objective and aim of the program is to:
• Empowering of local communities in becoming environmentally conscious and effective and becoming natural resource based entrepreneurs.
• Assistance of rural communities to adapt traditional land using systems in accordance to the development of both natural and human resources.
• Promotion of rural development, social empowerment and transformation by enabling all rural populations to actively participate and own in the exploitation and management of community forests.
• Assistance of rural households in achieving sustainable livelihood such as increasing their income capacity, through utilization and community centered management of forest products and resources from the forests.
• Stimulation of collective attitudinal changes towards forest management and natural resources that comes with for the promoting of sustainable environmental conservation.
• Promoting of lifelong learning ability and capability and literacy development in rural people.
The forest management plan has more than objective impact and is categorised in three categories:
• Ecological impact
Significant reduction of illegal forest utilization
Significant increase in environmental awareness and environmental knowledge
Significant increase in consciousness of methods used to utilize forests properly
• Social impact
Creation of platform for changing of information
Creation of many more employment opportunities to forest communities
Reduction of friction between stakeholders in forest management
Promotion of benefits involved between people working together as a team
Increasing the consideration of gender aspects
• Policy impact
Increase of communities participating in forest management
Reality of sustainable community forest management as it is stated in the Forest Act
The forest management program is either a three or five year program and a copy of the program was sent to the Department of Forestry for approval. They put together a special Natural resource team to assist in the training and monitoring of farmer’s progress and performance.